Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Dave Kampfschulte is extraordinary in his grace and power to speak to all walks of life affected by hospice. He takes the awkwardness from painful  moments of reality, and somehow recreates those moments for any person in any situation, to find the comfort and tools needed for their circumstances. He shows us in many different ways that only an author of experience can deliver with truth, humor and a twist of how to make this reality a chance to give outside of our means to the greater good of humanity. As the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of Michigan, our Education Committee trusts and knows that Dave will inspire, educate and refresh our members who work in Hospice with patients and family each year. He is a MUST in the hospice world.” 

Raven Simon, Farhat, Hospice and Palliative Care Association of Michigan


“Our hospice program flew Dave to Pennsylvania to present two staff/volunteer workshops in the afternoon and an end-of-life presentation for the community in the evening.  That’s a lot of speaking for one day. Dave’s energy never lessened throughout our time together, and he graciously adapted to any set of circumstances thrown at him. Dave creatively and passionately draws people out of their shells and gets them talking.”

Sandra Hare, Geisinger Hospice Bloomsburg, PA


Dave Kampfschulte’s sparkling eyes and genuine smile welcome your entry into the joyful realm of his amazing workshops, where he skillfully connects attendees to the common threads of their life stories. With a dose of humor and a story or two, Dave reminds us that our vulnerability is our strength, and is at the core of our humanity, especially as it relates to living fully until we die, and loving each other out loud. 
Kelly Rhoades, Ph.D., Chair and Professor, Hospice and Palliative Studies Dept., Madonna University, Livonia, MI

""I'm Dying to Talk with You, Dave' is an energetic, informative and profound presentation that is presented with compassion and love.  As a retired pastor, I wish I had had access to Dave's program when dealing with end of life issues with my congregation.   His energy, enthusiasm and passion is evident in his interaction with his audience.   His real life stories cause one to laugh out loud while others bring tears to your eyes.   "I'm Dying to Talk with You, Dave" is a must for all who are open to discussing end of life issues in a uplifting and enlightening setting."

Rev. Mary A. McClure (retired) , Traverse City, MI


"Your presentation rocked! I learned a lot about how to help students feel comfortable in the classroom and how to handle certain crisis situations. Every teacher-in-training should hear Dave speak.”

Student Teacher, Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI


“Dave Kampfschulte turned my college class into an ‘Amazing Circle.’ My students were charmed by Dave’s approach and easy rapport and they carried out of the classroom a whole new attitude and a ton of techniques to establish trust, respect and real communication with students.”

Dan Diedrich, Director of Field Placement, Dept.of Ed., Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI


“Dave provides information in a way that is uniquely effective and engaging.  His style is inviting and interactive with the participants having so much fun they don’t realize how hard they are working.” 

Marcia Good, Spectrum Health Hospice, Grand Rapids, MI


“Dave Kampfschulte brings a wealth of knowledge in human interactions that will assist in the development of any organization. A master motivator, team builder, and facilitator, Dave will allow for you and your organization to stretch your minds and develop 'best practices' to become better as a whole.”

Peter Stuursma, Principal, East Grand Rapids Middle School, East Grand Rapids, MI


"I left our work shop feeling uplifted because of the very personal nature of our sharing.  Even with good friends, these kinds of deep topics are rarely explored. To be able to discuss freely our feelings about life, spirituality, beliefs, etc was so refreshing.  I felt like my words were being heard and respected. I was struck by the diversity in beliefs, yet felt very connected to everyone there."

Participant, Making Connections Workshop
Cathy Wurzer, Morning Editon, Minnesota Public Radio