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Amazing Circles is about creating a safe emotional environment where people feel safe and comfortable enough to share their stories in a classroom or group setting.  It is about the power of those stories to create awareness for both the person telling the story and the one listening to them and the life lessons that can be applied to everyday life. Techniques and activities like life mapping, for creating that atmosphere are covered along with dealing with sensitive issues like tears, confidentiality, and processing the experiences.
The book is written both from my point of view and the students who were in my classroom and groups. Their insightful comments will bring out tears and smiles along with respect and awe. They will inspire you as they have inspired me. Amazing Circles can be a blueprint to teaching a class similar to the class I taught, “Experiences in Living,” or a resources for those desiring to create a caring and sharing atmosphere in their setting.
In this day and age of education geared towards testing, Amazing Circles is a valuable resource for affective education.  The book is a resource for teachers, youth leaders, facilitators, group therapists, and anyone who works with creating opportunities for people to interact.


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I'm Dying to Talk with You is a look into the conversations and interactions that Dave has experienced in his 25 years as a hospice volunteer.  In its pages, you will encounter unexpected insights on a subject that is usually avoided at all costs and a glimpse into the grace and courage that is demonstrated by hospice patients as they approach the end of their lives.
Written with a mixture of humor and tears, this book is an invaluable resource and is destined to be pulled from the shelves time and time again as your loved ones reach this defining moment in life.


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